The Certified Educator in Personal Finance® provides professional development and training for those working with consumers in a group or community setting. This comprehensive program is designed to allow financial educators working in a group setting to teach clients to establish personal budgets, evaluate debt loads, set financial goals and develop plans of action. Certification ensures that individuals have been trained and tested in education techniques, the elements of financial management and the various published content standards in financial literacy.

Course Outline:

Part I details the many factors and components that contribute to an informative lesson plan as well as different teaching techniques and presentation methods.

Part II details the fundamentals of financial management: money management, credit, investing and retirement, debt management and insurance.

Part III addresses ethics for financial educators.

Part IV discusses the National Standards and Best Practices in K-12 Personal Financial Education, and the National Standards for Adult Financial Literacy Education.

Part V is the Resource Guide which includes worksheets, a glossary, forms, website information, the Code of Ethics and a practice exam.